Draco's A Glamorous Presence

( Mex Ch Draco's I'm Everybody's Type  X Draco's Tunisia )


Tiffany´s  debut at the Boxer National Specialty in the  puppy  class (3 to 6 months) under  judge Kimberly Steele winning BEST PUPPY IN SHOW 
Owned by Jorge Pinzon
Tiffany  pictured at her 2nd, 3rd and 4th shows as Puppy 3 to 6 months old under the judges MR Joaquin Rosa, MVZ Enrique Gonzalez y CP Adrian Aguirre

Tiffany as Puppy 3 to 6 Months old  under judges Janice Pardue and  Mr Fransisco Chapa


Tiffany continues her career in the puppy class thanks to the judges Mr Nelson Boroto from Cuba, John Cole From USA and Thomas Nesbitt from Canada.


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