CH Draco Dubai

(Draco's Dakar  X  Being One With Draco)

Whelped February 19, 2011

Dubai pictured at 7 Weeks Old
Dubai takes WD and his first point at the Hendersonville KC
show on February 17, 2012 under judge Mrs. Margaret Downey.
Dubai takes WD and BW at the Greenville KC show
on February 18, 2012 under judge Mr. Paul F. Willhauck.
Dubai takes WD, BW, BOB and a Group 1 at the Charleston KC show
on January 26, 2013 under judges Mr. Bart A. Miller (breed, above)
and Mr. James E. Noe (group, below).
Dubai takes WD at the Sawnee Mountain KC show
on February 1, 2013 under judge Ms. Nikki Riggsbee.
Dubai takes WD and BW at the Lawrenceville KC show
on February 3, 2013 under judge Mr. James G. Reynolds.

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