Am Mex Gua CH Draco's Sequoia

(AmMexCH PRO's Original 501 Blues, TT, SOM  X  Draco's Saphira)

Whelped April 17, 2009

Owner - Fernanda Ibarguen

Sequoia pictured at:
1 Day Old
4 Weeks Old
Sequoia pictured at 3 months old.
Sequoia pictured at 16 months old.
Sequoia takes Best Puppy in Match at the Charleston KC show
on January 30, 2010 under judge Mrs. Alison Matthews.
Sequoia takes WD and his first 2 points at the Shreveport KC show on April 24, 2010 under judge Mr. James E. Frederiksen.
Sequoia takes WD at the Greater Monroe KC show
on November 20, 2010 under judge Mr. Gary Bassett.
Sequoia takes WD and his first major at the Asheville KC show
on June 11, 2011 under breeder judge Mrs. Stephanie Abraham.
Sequoia takes WD and the final points to complete
his AKC championship requirements at the Clemson KC show
on January 7, 2012 under judge Mr. David Bolus.
Sequoia takes Best of Breed at the UVM show  under judge Mrs. Stansell 

Sequoia takes Select Dog at a specialty under judge Mr. David Abraham and Best of Breed at the all breed show under judge Victor Van Raamsdonk on September 2014.

Sequoia at 6 years old.
Sequoia's Pups In The Ring

Draco's Eldunari of Thorn


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